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Welcome to the Grade 1 Literacy Page
 I work with first grade students one to one in Reading Recovery and also in small groups in Title 1.

We work together to improve reading, writing, and spelling skills to promote independent readers and writers.

To best achieve this, a home to school connection works best. Please feel free to call, write or email me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions!

The Importance of Reading at Home:

Your child will be bringing  home little books that he or she has read with me at school. This is to practice 1 to 1 matching, to read words they know when they see them, and to figure out unknown words by the picture, the first letter, and what would make sense. If your child gets stuck on a word or says it wrong, ask them to start the sentence again and think of what would make sense and begin with that sound. If it is a word they know but say wrong, tell them , "you know that word-check it". If they get frustrated , tell them the word or read the page and then have them read it. In the beginning we need to give lots of support for them to build their confidence and skills and strategies.

Some of my prompts that I say:

-"check that again"
-"what would expect to hear at the beginning of that word?"(does it match?)
-"does that make sense?"
-"point to each word"
-"what might they do or say in this picture?"
-"what do you know about that word that can help you?"
-reread the sentence to understand the story"

Don't let it become hard, give lots of support and praise.You can also share reading, each of you taking turns reading one page. Enjoy the time together and the progress you will see.

Please email or send notes if there are any problems or questions.