About Us

Our school math team is a collection of students in grades 5-8.  We practice and spend time on math concepts that you might not see throughout the year.  We have three meets during the course of our season.  The first two meets are local and and third meet is a state meet.  The state meet combines many other schools and is an amazing experience.  

For each meet, we are allowed to bring 10 students from grades six, seven, and eight.  Since our middle school is grades 5-8. we can bump up 5th graders to participate in the 6th grade meet.  For the state meet, we will take the top 8 students from each grade to participate.  These will be the students with the highest scores and practice completion throughout the school year.

We are always looking for new students and talent to join our team.  Our first meet will be held in November, so students can come sign up anytime before then.  Practices will be held before and after school, in hopes to allow those with after school priorities (like sports) a chance to come in and see what times of questions might be on the next meet.