2016-17 Meets

posted Nov 8, 2016, 7:41 AM by Nichole Martin   [ updated Oct 1, 2017, 9:57 AM ]

Here are the dates for our meets this year:

November 15th in Dexter (we will be gone for the morning)

February 7th at SeDo (we will do pizza for lunch and miss the morning classes)

April ?? State Meet in Bangor (all Day)

This year's meets

posted Oct 17, 2014, 5:36 AM by Nichole Martin

I am excited to announce the dates for this year's math meets:

Thursday, November 6th at Dexter (this one is coming right up!!!!)

Thursday, February 5th here at SeDoMoCha (home meet where everyone can come)

April ? at EMCC in Bangor- STATE MEET  (date to be announced)

We are so pumped for this year's possibilities.  We brought home a trophy last year, and I know we are going to do it again this year!

This year practices

posted Sep 15, 2014, 9:40 AM by Nichole Martin

Currently, we are holding practices on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Practices will be with Ms. Martin on Tuesday morning from 7-7:30.  Practices will be with Mr. Clarke in the library on Wednesday and Thursday from 3-4  If you cannot make any of these practices, please see one of us for some practice problems.  You can also get some practice problems under the "Resources" tab of this website.  We look forward to working with all of you!

State Math Meet

posted Apr 2, 2014, 1:14 PM by Nichole Martin

I want to congratulate EVERYONE on an amazing Math Season this year.  Everyone did a great job all season, especially at the State Meet this year.  There are a few specific people we need to recognize.

Congratulations to the 6th grade team for a 3rd place finish for this entire school year:
   -Mollie, Megan, Marshall, and Ben

Congratulations to Megan and Marshall for placing in the top ten for 6th graders all year.

Congratulations to Megan , Ben, and 6th grade team for placing at the State Meet on April 2nd.  

We will continue to have math team practices next week so students can see how they did at the state meet.  Awesome job everyone.  Thank you for being an amazing group of students to work with!

Basketball Game

posted Jan 14, 2014, 5:33 AM by Nichole Martin

We had a very successful first night running the concession stand.  Thank you to all students who helped run the table and sell products.  We have one more game scheduled to run and that is on Thursday January 23rd.  I have had a few students already let me know they are available to help.  If you will be there, you have to let me know as soon as possible.  Thank you to students who are working hard and truly becoming a part of the math team!


posted Dec 12, 2013, 11:24 AM by Nichole Martin

We have been offered the opportunity to sell the concessions at the Basketball games.  There are three games available for us (if we want them).  If we run the concession stand, we will be able to earn half of the profits (which is usually anywhere from 100-150 dollars).  If we do one or two dances, we can have money for the math team this year.  With this money we can either buy new T-shirts, buy T-shirts at the state meet, or have an end of the year pizza party for math team.  Please let me know (either through this site or email) if you available to help run the stand from 3pm - 6 pm on any of the following days:
-Thursday, January 9th
-Monday, January 13th
-Thursday, January 23rd

If I have enough responses, I will let the Basketball teams know which days we chose, and then I will let those of you who volunteered know.  Thank you very much for your dedication.

Also, please let me know what you would like us to do with the money we earn.  Options will be reviewed and decided upon before our next meet.

Math Team Results

posted Nov 19, 2013, 10:05 AM by Nichole Martin

We had an amazing first meet this year.  Students worked hard and came back with multiple awards.  The top scorers were:

8th grade- Jenna Clukey
7th grade- Phoenix Eastman, Maddie Hall
6th Grade- Marshal Oakes, Megan Fuller, Mollie Brawn

We also took home top team awards for all three grades (1st place for 6th, 1st for 7th, and 2nd place for 8th)

The following chart is the list of total individual scores that each student received.  Remember that the important piece is to keep improving for the next meet and beat your previous score. The highest individual score you can receive is 40 points.

 Student Name Grade Total Score on Individual Tests
 Megan Fuller  6th   25  
 Marshall Oakes     6th   33  
 Ben Atwater      6th 21 
 Mollie Brawn6th 25 
 Dylan Gray6th 
 Noah Lamb    5th 14 
 Krys Downing 5th 10 
 Miranda Kerr 5th 
 Madison Hall
7th 27 
 Becky Batey7th 23 
 Phoenix Eastman 7th  33  
 Matt Spooner   7th 22 
 Nathaniel Skomars7th 15 
 Eli Bickford 7th 12
 Isaac Anderson  7th   14
 Aidan Manning 7th  24
 Avery Nelson 8th  15 
 Jenna Clukey 8th  29 
 Virginia Macomber8th  19
 Gabby Jolin 8th  17
 Krisla Wagner 8th  14
 Charlotte Jolin 8th 17
 Reggie Johnston     8th 7
 Jordan Campbell 8th 13

First Math Meet

posted Nov 4, 2013, 4:01 PM by Nichole Martin

Our first meet is this Thursday on November 8th.  Students will be leaving school after announcements.  We will meet in the lobby to take attendance and then board the bus to Dexter Middle School.  All students in math team who have turned in their permission slip may attend.  We will perform at the meet and then on our way home we will stop at Subway for lunch.  Please bring money or a bagged/home lunch with you.  Students will return to school after lunch and should be expected to go back to classes.  Let's Do This!!!!

Mandatory Meeting

posted Oct 9, 2013, 6:36 AM by Nichole Martin

Math team will be holding a meeting on Friday October 18th.  All students in math team must attend this meeting for information regarding practices and upcoming meets.  You will also receive you permission slips this day.  The meeting will be held at 1:40 is Ms. Martin's room.  The meeting will be brief and ALL STUDENTS in math team must attend.  Thank you!

Come Join Our Group!

posted Oct 12, 2009, 5:35 PM by Nichole Martin   [ updated Sep 23, 2013, 6:54 AM ]

Our math team is currently accepting new members.  If you are interested in traveling to other schools, exploring new concepts in math, and working with your peers than please sign up. You can contact either Ms. Martin in room 112 or Mr. Clarke for more information.  

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