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posted Dec 12, 2013, 11:24 AM by Nichole Martin
We have been offered the opportunity to sell the concessions at the Basketball games.  There are three games available for us (if we want them).  If we run the concession stand, we will be able to earn half of the profits (which is usually anywhere from 100-150 dollars).  If we do one or two dances, we can have money for the math team this year.  With this money we can either buy new T-shirts, buy T-shirts at the state meet, or have an end of the year pizza party for math team.  Please let me know (either through this site or email) if you available to help run the stand from 3pm - 6 pm on any of the following days:
-Thursday, January 9th
-Monday, January 13th
-Thursday, January 23rd

If I have enough responses, I will let the Basketball teams know which days we chose, and then I will let those of you who volunteered know.  Thank you very much for your dedication.

Also, please let me know what you would like us to do with the money we earn.  Options will be reviewed and decided upon before our next meet.