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Choral Music Standards

We do not all learn things at the same rate, nor do we sing and/or read music with equal skill.  However, YOUR grade is within YOUR control.  If you come prepared and participate during class, put in effort to master your required music skills, and attend our concerts it will be reflected in your grade.  It is up to YOU!

You will be assessed on 7 choral music standards and several more learning targets within the standards throughout the year.  All assessments are equally weighted and based on the grade range outlined in the student handbook.  Students may be required to demonstrate proficiency through class participation and discussion, written or performance assessment within rehearsals or sectionals, as well as through performance at the concerts.

The Choral Music Standards as as follows:

  • Vocal Production
    • I can identify and demonstrate proper posture for singing.
    • I can identify and demonstrate low breath control for singing.
    • I can use good tone and consistent pitch when performing music alone and with others.
  • Choral Ensemble Techniques
    • I can sing with proper pitches and rhythms.
    • I can read/perform with different dynamics.
    • I can follow and perform expressive elements based on the conductors direction.
    • I can use solfege hand signs when singing.
  • Performance
    • I can sing as a member of a choral ensemble.
    • I can define and demonstrate proper performer behavior.
    • I can define and demonstrate proper audience behavior.
  • Music Literacy
    • I can read standard musical notation including whole, half ,quarter, and eighth notes.
    • I can read the "road map" of a piece of choral music.
    • I can read pitches in treble and bass clef including specfici ledger lines.
    • I can interpret music in 4/4, 2/4, and 3/4 time.
    • I can compose a short musical exercise based on specific guidelines.
  • Responding to Music
    • I can listen and evaluate a performance using musical vocabulary.
    • I can create a rubric to assess myself and/or our ensemble.
  • Connecting to Music
    • I can discuss and perform a variety of musical literature based on historical and musical value.
    • I can relate music to history, culture, and personal experience.
    • I can set goals for the year and work to achieve them.
  • Academic Initiative
    • I can be a great musician, and valued member of our ensemble by:
        • arriving on time and prepared for class
        • giving my best effort
        • having a positive attitude
        • being a leader and a teammate
        • following all rules and directions
        • asking questions
        • having fun