This year we will be sharing practice material through "Google Drive." This way students will be able to access practice materials from home or school, and download them to their computer.  That way they are able to access the material even if they do not have internet access at home.  Below are the steps to access the material!

**If these are not options for your student please contact Mrs. Young.

Step 1:
Go to the go the "Google Drive" Webpage

Step 2:
In the "Sign In" Box, type your school email in the email box
(It is your first initial last name

Step 3:
Type in your password, in the password box
(It is 20 then your 5 digit lunch code then your first and last initial.  For example 2045563ky

Step 4:
Hit the blue "Sign In" Button and Sign In.

Step 5:
Once you are in your "Drive" go to the left sidebar and click on "Shared With Me"

Step 6:
Click on either the "5th/6th Grade Chorus Folder" or "7th/8th Grade Chorus Folder" (Depending on your ensemble)

Inside that folder you will find all of the practice material for your group.

Any file that says "m4a" at the end is an audio file for you to listen to your part.  Find the one with just your part on it to practice with your part being played alone.  Once you have mastered your part click on the "all" track to hear the other parts played as well.

**The files are labeled either "part 1," "part 2," or "All" for 5th/6th Grade
**The files are labeled either "Soprano," "Alto," or "Baritone" for 7th/8th Grade

Any file that says "pdf" is a copy of the sheet music for you to look at while you are home.  You may bring your music home from school to practice as well, however you need to make sure that you have it for rehearsal!!!

If you have any problems accessing this material please come and see Mrs. Young! Thank you, and happy practicing!

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