Favorite Apps and Websites for Language and Articulation

Critical Thinking and Logic
Little Solver Preschool Logic is an app for ipad that is excellent introduction to analogies, or getting kids to think how items are related. There are three pictures and one missing, 2 and 2.  Look at the top pair and say, "Picture (#1) is to picture (#2) AS picture (#3) is to ___."  There are 4 choices, only one correct.  The secret is to look at how the top 2 pictures are related (size, color, function, category. etc) and choose the missing picture that will complete the bottom pair in the same relationship.  
Little Solver Figural Analogies is another logic game to sharpen thinking skills.

Vocabulary Development and Word Relations
For older kids who can read, Mindshapes has The Opposites.  There are 10 levels, with a "dictionary" for each level with the opposite pairs available for familiarization and practice.  The object of the game is to match opposite pairs of words that are in "speech bubbles" before the bubbles fill the space. If you don't, the bubbles all pop and you lose! Not only do the kids have to read the words but they have to remember what words are already there and continually scan the group, looking for pairs.   

Articulation and Grammar
Sentence Ninja is a fun FREE app that gives children progressively more complex sentences to "build" by dragging and dropping words to a sentence strip at the bottom of the page. Each word appears over a related photograph, and is spoken when clicked on, so reading skills are not necessary.  The best part is the option to record the phrase or sentence.  We do a lot of articulation work "describing" the pictures using these sentences, and the kids LOVE hearing themselves!  

Augmentative Communication